In addition to admiring your beautiful jewelry, people may look at how you wear your rings and make inferences about your personality, relationship status, and other factors. These assumptions are based on history, cultural beliefs, and the finger you choose for your ring. Before putting on your bvlgari b.zero1 ring replica, it helpful to understand what each finger says about you and your lifestyle.

For the most part there aren’t any steadfast rules about which hand you wear your ring on. Engagement and wedding rings are exceptions — there are a lot of specific cultural traditions — but at the end of the day there are so many cultural traditions that it becomes an anything-goes situation anywhere that’s not completely homogeneous.

1.The Little (Pinky) Finger

The left pinky finger can symbolize a number of different things, such as marital status, mafia connections, family.

2.The Fourth (Ring) Finger

In the United states, the ring finger is most commonly associated with wedding symbolism: a band on the right fourth finger indicates engagement, while a band on the left fourth finger indicates marriage. It can also means romantic promise.

3. The Middle Finger

There is no doubt that the ring in the middle finger is the symbol of balance and responsibility because of its central location.

4. The Index or Pointer Finger

In a traditional Jewish ceremony, the right index finger means marriage. But if you go back hundreds of years, the index finger was just a common location for a man’s ring.

5. The Thumb

The thumb symbolizes character. A straight thumb indicated an upright character, while a crooked thumb sent a negative message. In Asia, the thumb ring was worn on the left hand as protection after releasing an arrow from a bow. The thumb ring was later associated with bravery and high status in society. The thumb is also separated from the other four fingers – showing an alienation of sorts. Rings on the thumb are rare. Neptune was the water god. A fake van cleef & arpels jewelry on this finger represents change and flow. A transient and quick moving personality – associated with creative personalities.

A thumb ring on the active hand indicates an assertive personality.

Well, after my introduction, do you know how to choose your ring in the right position of finger? Next time, we will tell you something about cartier necklace replica, waiting for us.