Replica Hermes jewelry wholesale brand launches modern jewelry H series

July 30, 2018 0 By vogy

For a long time, replica Hermes Jewelry wholesale price continues to seek breakthroughs while continuing to inherit the exquisite craftsmanship, explore cross-border exchanges in various fields, and integrate international innovation elements into jewelry design and craftsmanship.

This time, with the brilliance of creating experiential jewelry, Hermes collaborated with Christie KELLEr, a casual and bold US jewelry designer, to launch a new “Modern Handmade Jewelry H-Series”, which will uniquely hand-made art elements Involved in gold jewelry, dedicated to the young generation of jewelry lovers to bring personalized jewelry creation experience, creating a new generation of jewelry trends.

The new “modern hand-made jewelry H series” is unique in form, with special gold thread and dazzling colored aluminum wire. It is used together with a fresh and new method for pure hand-made, breaking the traditional color pattern of gold jewelry and production techniques, so that the gold jewelry Renewed, unique creativity. The hermes leather bracelet replica has three different concept designs – “Joy & Happiness”, “Dreams & Daring”, “Confidence & Beauty”. The overall color is dazzling, and the lines and lines seem to have turned out to be happy. The sustenance of dreams and beliefs reveals the breakthrough spirit of innovation that Hermes pursues. It allows consumers to create wishes for the jewels crafted by the craftsmen, and present their wishes to those who love them.

Hermes is the first to set up a “Handmade Jewelry Experience Workshop” to introduce the DIY concept to the store, so that customers can enjoy the pleasure of making hand-made jewelry. Under the guidance of the Christine KELLEr trained craftsman, the inspiration is integrated into carefully selected colors and line shapes, condensed into exclusive personalized jewelry, feeling the overflowing surprises and emotional bursts in the hand-made art, and the perfect combination of the heart and hands. The blessings and hopes that each of the exquisite jewels hand-crafted were given to the loved ones, so that each touched the heart.